Tandem hanggliding

This year i am not able to fly Tandems. Tandem flying is my hobby and sport promotion. It is great fun to do and it is my pleasure to share this dream with others. I offer tandem flights on the airstrip of Stadskanaal, the Netherlands, where we are towed by a microlight to get the height we need. Abroad we can launch from a mountain and so far I did tandems in France, Slovenia, Spain, Marocco and Austria.

Hanggliding is the best way of free flying and as with any airsports some risks are always present. We try to minimize these risks (no guarantees here) and request our passangers to prepare themselfs as good as possible.

The weather needs to allow for good flying conditions, a very tricky thing and sometimes a last minute cancelation is presented. We then all have travelled and prepared without getting a flight.

The flight itself is about 20 minutes but overall it will take about 2 hours. I request 95 euro for expenses made. There is a tandem hangglider to support 2 persons and for the passenger a harnass and helmet. Obviously I am owner of a licence to fly with this set.

One week prior to the event I will keep an eye on the weather, will arrange for the tow pilot with its trike and some friends for assistance as well as the airfield permisions.

Some restrictions apply to the passanger:
- Weight from 45 to 85 kg
- Length 150 to 190 cm
- Good health (ask/consult your GP regarding you going hanggliding)
- Patience, due to weather last minute cancelations do happen. We can schedule a new date then.
- As a pilot I take the responsability for you. I expect the same from you deciding if you want this endeavour.

Free flying is about waiting, so sometimes we wait for a better moment and it is important you stay fit, so:
- Take enough food and beverage (obviously no alcohol or drugs).
- Do not eat too much,flying can be very exiting......
- Comfy clothing that is allowed to get dirty, landing is on our belly so we will slide through the patch a little.
- Sturdy shoes, like walking boots perferably with heel.
- Warm clothing, every 100mtr climb the temperature drops by almost one celcius.
- Sunglasses, in the air the light can be very bright.

A final word,
I can not warn enough of the risks involved, but at the end of the day we all do this for our enjoyment and I would like to share the experience with you. Are you interested do send me an email : Erik@Severiens.nl

See you up there! Erik.